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Wilderness Survival 101

wilderness-toolsFor any avid outdoors man, hiker, or hunter, getting lost in the wilderness is a very real fear.   Be prepared and know what to do.

Survival Rule One — Stay Calm

8 basic survival skills:

  • Build a shelter:  that is dry, well drained and reasonably flat.
  • Make a fire: it can keep you warm and dry, use it to cook food, purify water and to sterilize bandages.
  • Find water: About 3/4 of the human body is water, therefore finding water is a top priority. An adult can survive only a few days without water, but many weeks without food.
  • Find food: Most wilderness areas are full of natural food, ranging from plants to insects. Only the more knowledgeable outdoorsman will know how to fish, trap and/or find eggs.
  • Signal for help: Without a cellular phone or a whistle, know visual signals: fire and smoke, a signal mirror, flares and flashlights. And always is the famous SOS, in the sand, signal.
  • Navigation: Determine direction using the sun, moon, stars, wind, trees and other plants.
  • Basic first aid: Determine if others are in any danger. Make the area safe, but put your own safety first. Avoid moving a casualty with unknown injuries, etc.
  • Predicting the weather: Changing weather means changing air pressure. Know how to read the clouds, sky and behaviour of animals.

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