– a virtual travel experience

Why do humans love to travel?

It is our nature to travel – our joy to travel. It is our paradoxical psychological disposition to wish for the contradictory conditions of stability and change: to stay and to go, to be and to explore, to rest and to travel unceasingly.

Travel is more than going somewhere. It is a psychological event. It requires motivation and imagination. It begins in childhood with faltering first steps and with imagination fired by the tales of “long, long ago in a faraway land”.

We emerge from these fantasies of childhood determined to cross the oceans, to find those faraway lands, the characters they contain and the magic they hold. Determined to find the adventures they promise and the prospect of returning home triumphant with trophies having vanquished all fear, overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after.

Experience travel from the comforts of your home.

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