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We Had a Dream


Ocean tides ebb and climb,

breaking shores on sands of time.

Rollers crash on a sea of blue,

harbours summon on morning dew.

Compass point is absolute,

navigation charts, direct route.

Ready sails at the mast,

the yacht is set – fore and aft.

Swaying sea laps stem to stern,

alas, for Wyntersea I yearn.

by – Linda Wasylciw

And to sea we went.

Wyntersea ProductionsThere is something magical about sailing where the only sounds are that of the gulls overhead, the wind singing in the rigging and the sailboat driving on with the force of nature.

Then, when the sailboat is at anchor, the whole world transforms. Evening approaches and there is such peace as the ocean licks against the hull of the sailboat, a whale blows offshore and a loon cries, saying goodnight. With darkness the gentle sway of the sea rocks the boat, sweeping one away and into a dream-world.

Alas, for #Wyntersea I yearn.

Website: Wyntersea Productions

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