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Wyntersea Sails Mexico

Journey along with sailing vessel Wyntersea as she sails down the west coast of Mexico. Take in the Baja Peninsula, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, Barra de Navidad and much more. The voyage includes 1,247 kilometers along the Baja Peninsula before crossing to the Pacific mainland to Mazatlan and down the coast to Manzanillo. See the beauty of the four deserts of long finger of the Baja which are filled with stark landscape of cactus and low lying, walking sand dunes.  Then to round the tip at Cabo San Lucas Wyntersea sails into the Sea of Cortez and up along the protected waters to La Paz. Wyntersea later crosses to Mazatlan, into Tenacatita Bay and then on to Manzanillo. The viewer is invited to experience this sailing adventure, far removed from exotic resorts and places more commonly visited by land; places often unexplored through traditional travels to see Mexico through the eyes of a sailor. It is the perfect opportunity to get a close look at nature, unspoiled and remote.

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Fishermen set upon their nets in the crystal fragmenting sun,

rocks polish their sleek dark bodies in the twilight rush of tide,

couples exchange their sonnets and salivas where the long shadows meet.

Man on bicycle, sun into day’s relentless burning, giving up the fire to eyes upon the beach

where fish bake in boats tiring of their trade and salt-worn men pour stories of wind into

youth who dream of Mexico City. by: Joseph Aprile

Vessel Wyntersea anchored at Los Muertos, Mexico
Wyntersea anchored at Los Muertos http://www.sailblogs.com/member/wyntersea/
San Quintin Mexico
Baja Peninsula San Quintin Mexico
Barra de Navidad - Pelican
Los Muerots http://toketie.blogspot.ca/
Los Muerots
Cactus in bloom