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Niue – The Coral Rock of Polynesia

Niue, the smallest independent nation in the world,  lies in the South Pacific Ocean. This large raised coral island is commonly referred to as ‘The Rock of Polynesia’ and was settled between 400 and 1100AD by Tongans and Samoans. These rugged shores were visited by Captain Cook in 1774. But he did not land on Niue for he was violently refused landing by the locals. In leaving he called it ‘Savage Island‘ and never returned.  Niue has captured the interest of writers over many years, including Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London and, native of Niue, John Pule. Niue is of the grandest coral islands in the world with a rugged coastline of KARRENFIELD crevices stretching more than eight meters skyward, chasms, arched caves and vertical rock faces. Niue is a popular place for cruising yachts to visit and the Washaway Cafe is tucked in a tiny corner of Niue to satisfy their thirst. The Washaway Cafe is only open on Sundays and is the ONLY alcohol serving venue in the whole of the South Pacific that serves liquor on this day.

Niue has been challenged to severe cyclones, is a place that few tourists have heard of, and even fewer visit, probably due to its remoteness. It remains an unspoiled gem, deep in the South Pacific.

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“My heart and thoughts are always on Niue.

But here I was living in Aotearoa on someone else’s land.

I went back to Niue as often as I could, and I’d weed and

clear the graves for my family and friend’s families.

It is a way of saying, “I’m back”.   John Pule

Niue 35 caves
Nuie, seaside
Niue 40
Niue – walled channel
Niue 21
Niue – coral pinnacles