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NEWFOUNDLAND – Canada’s Vinland


Newfoundland, a mere 580 million years ago, once a part of Africa, was formed by continental drift. Human occupation can be traced back to the 9,000 years ago Maritime Beothuk peoples. It was Icelandic Leif Erickson, who visited in the 11th century and first named this island Vinland. Much later John Cabot arrived, by accident for he was searching for a western passage to the Orient, to discover fishing grounds so plentiful with cod one could but dip their buckets in the sea to be filled to the brim; cod fish enough to feed the world for 500 years, before depletion.

Newfoundland’s early stream of colonizers was first led by Cabot; who fished for cod and roamed this land. Some stayed for a short time and then left; yet many stayed. Newfoundland offers a rich historical past, with a coastline of countless shipwrecks in the untouched Atlantic burial grounds, waiting to be explored.  Newfoundland is swept by the northwest winds and washed by the relentless sea, shaping a rugged and austere coastline with sheer cliffs and it has a way of quickly getting into your heart.

St Johns, Newfoundland, Signal Hill

St Johns, Newfoundland


Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

Trinity 33

Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity 17

Trinity, Newfoundland

Tors Cove 26

Tors Cove, Newfoundland


Bona Vista, Newfoundland

Trinity 89

Trinity, Newfoundland

Tors Cove 75

Tors Cove, Newfoundland