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Fiji – The Islands of Viti

Fiji was first settled by the Melanesians, the Lapita people, in the 12th century. They were makers of fine pottery, hand decorated with turtle and sea shells. Then the Europeans arrived, Captain James Cook and, on another occasion, Captain Bligh, which changed the islands forever. These volcanic islands are covered with lush forests and sweeping valleys.

Rhythmic drumming fill the hills and valleys as Levuka’s Old Capital, on the island of Ovalau, while the Festival is underway. Travel to Kadavu where the Astrolabe Reef lies like a ribbon in the vast Pacific with submerged pinnacles that curl away and drop into the fourth deepest oceanic trench in the world. Kadavu is a photographers dream and the growers of the best kava in the world.

The Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands arc north like a stingrays tail from the body of Viti Levu and is the South Seas Eden that provided cinematic eye candy for films Cast Away with Tom Hanks and The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. Nadi is home to temple Sri Siva Subeamaniya Temple, probably the most colorful tourist attraction in Fiji. And just outside Nadi is the Garden of The Sleeping Giant, a natural rain-forest walk through a tropical landscape and orchid gardens. These gardens were built by, Canadian actor, Raymond Burr whose movie career encompassed more than 60 movies.

Fiji’s islands are shrouded in mystery, old legends, mythology and beliefs; many of these that have passed through the generations. Few words can describe these islands, but imagine a place of swaying coconut palms, white sand beaches, a cloudless sky, sweetly perfumed frangipani, warm sunshine, colorful coral reefs and the friendly cries of bula, bula in the air…for this is Fiji.

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Malolo Lailai
Malolo Lailai – Musket Cove, Fiji
Levuka, Fiji
Nadi - Hindu Temple
Sri Siva Subramaniya temple – Nadi, Fiji