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Costa Rica – A Wee Taste

Costa Rica lies on the narrow peninsula of Central America, neatly tucked between Nicaragua to its north, Panama to its south, the Caribbean Sea to its east and the Pacific Ocean to its west. Costa Rica’s geography and topography reveal a history of cataclysm with earthquakes, floods and volcanoes shaping its present day landscape. It was once a poor and isolated country that simply exported coffee. Then tourism took off as the new mainspring of the economy, resorts sprang up by the dozens and now Costa Rica stands as one of the most visited nation in Central America. As a result tourism now generates more to the economy than bananas and coffee combined. It is a lovely, diverse, peaceful country that stands without an army, navy or air-force.

It comes as no surprise that Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest places on earth with the phrase “Pura Vida” saying it all.

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Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
Wild coati – Costa Rica, Lake Arenal
Red-eyed tree frog, Costa Rica
Glass butterfly – Butterfly farm, Costa Rica