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Vancouver’s Island

This one month, 1000 mile, historical sailing travel-log of Vancouver Island was videotaped from the deck of 46′ sailing vessel (SV) Wyntersea. The sailing adventure began in Sidney, on the south eastern shore of Vancouver Island, Canada, proceeded through the inside passage, among the islands in Desolation Sound, through the Yuculta Rapids, Dent Rapids and Gillard Passage where the rise and fall of the ocean tides rushes through the narrow passage between Quadra Island and Vancouver Island, and one’s crossing has to be carefully timed. Then along the seemingly endless Johnston Strait before reaching Port Hardy and the open water of the North Pacific Ocean where Wyntersea rounded the northern tip to begin her southerly progress along the treacherous, rugged, west coast of Vancouver Island before entering the Strait of Juan da Fuca and rounding the southern tip to turn northward again and back to home port.

This historical travel-log takes the viewer on a journey around Vancouver Island to the very bays and harbours where George Vancouver, James Cook, Juan Francisco de le Boudega y Quadra, Galliano, Malispina and many other great explorers dropped their anchors so many years ago. The viewer also visits the renowned Nootka Sound where the Nootka Convention, of the 1790s, was held between George Vancouver and Juan Francisco de le Boudega y Quadra, in the very location where the Spanish and the British negotiated for ownership of this part of the world.

This documentary is abound with breathtaking land and seascapes, towering mountain tops, tranquil bays and hot springs. Encounter the richness of wildlife, on this most beautiful of islands, set against a historical background.

Downlaod 45 minutes ‘Vancouver’s Island’

GEORGE VANCOUVER’S journal entry displayed contempt  towards unscrupulous western traders who provided guns to natives. George Vancouver (22 June 1757 – 10 May 1798) wrote: “I am extremely concerned to be compelled to state here, that many of the traders from the civilised world have not only pursued a line of conduct, diametrically opposite to the true principles of justice in commercial dealings, but have fomented discords, and stirred up contentions, between the different tribes, in order to increase the demand for these destructive engines… “

Desolation Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada
Wyntersea 3
Vancouver Island, Canada
Sailing Johnson Strait, Vancouver Island, Canada