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Nicaragua – land of Nicarao

Nicaragua – land of Nicarao is a one-half hour historical documentary set in and around the beautiful Spanish Colonial city of Granada. Nicaragua is situated in Central America with Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south with the largest freshwater lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua. Columbus, in 1502, was the first European to set eyes on Nicaragua, which has undergone a number of political difficulties since it was first ‘discovered’ by the Europeans: the Spanish Conquest, the US Intervention from 1909-1933, the Somoza Dynasty with several dictatorships, Nicaragua’s own Revolution, and then unrest between the Sandinistas and the Contras.

Granada’s architecture still retains a strong flavour of its Spanish influence, with its high walled houses built right on the sidewalk edge, enclosing a cool, leafy, open central courtyard. The viewer is shown the daily life of Nicaragua; from the back streets, to the city of Masaya and into the homes of artisans.

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Nostalgia II  – by Claribel Alegria

 “I cease being us and am again this

I with its burden of winter and emptiness.”

Grancoachesada, Nicaragua
Masayia dancers
Masaya, Nicaragua dance performance
Lake Granada
Mount Mombacho, Nicaragua