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AUSTRALIA – the southern continent

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Australia, the land down under, is the world’s largest island, and smallest continent. It offers an arid desert at its center, rain-forests along its coast, tropical land to the north and sub-tropical in the south, with bountiful rivers and vegetation.

First inhabited about 45,000 years ago, Australia is possibly home to the world’s first people who migrated across land bridges. They settled this land 12,000 years before they man first appeared in Europe.

Aboriginals survived where others would have perished, spending most of each day hunting and foraging for food. But, in the 18th century, it all changed when the early Europeans arrived, started a penal colony and stripped the land’s resources.

Australia is probably one of the most intriguing countries in the world and is home to some of the world’s most poisonous and painful creatures – adding to the adventure.  It is a land where one can easily get drawn in the magical dream-time of the native people, stand on the edge of the Blue Mountains where eucalyptus oil fills the air, see deserts so red they appear to be ablaze and listen to the ever moving turquoise sea washing the shores or the gentle breeze as it whispers through the eucalyptus trees……and so much more.

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Blue Mountains 13
Blue Mountains of Australia – Eucalyptus trees in bloom
Blue Mountains 01a
Blue Mountains of Australia – waterfall
Blue Mountains 35a
Australian aboriginal – with didgeridoo