– a virtual travel experience

Historical Documentaries

San Franciso’s site of 1915 World’s Fair

Wyntersea Productions’ collection of educational-historical documentaries are often closely tied with the travel category for the viewer is taken on a virtual journey while being informed about history .

The best documentaries, especially for training and education, are the ones that carry students to new places, to see things with new eyes, and – without our even realizing it – and think about things in new ways.

Documentaries engage and instruct through storytelling, finding their way into the classroom.

Even when excellent course materials are available, the addition of a documentary to teaching brings a number of enhancements.

  • Flexibility for the instructor: A course will be structured in specific ways, and generally must be presented in its entirety and in sequence. A video can be viewed at any time and excerpted as needed.
  • Lower cognitive load for the learner: Viewing a film demands less of the audience than reading text or clicking through a course. The learner follows along with the story without conscious effort.
  • Easy sell: Watch at home, in class or on a phone. It is an easy task to assign and to complete. Much easier than “read pages 148-207” or “complete Module 5.”
  • Potentially high engagement: Despite the apparent passivity of watching, visual media can lead to greater engagement with the material, which leads to high retention. Ask yourself how many good documentary scenes you can recall? Now–how many good textbook passages?

We invite you to take this opportunity to enjoy a virtual travel experience from the comfort of your own living room or get a glimpse of the vacation place of your dreams before investing in your trip.