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For some people, lying on a sandy beach all day does not offer the excitement or knowledge they are seeking. Enter virtual educational travel, here to serve an audience hungry for first-hand experience and knowledge. Educational tourism is for travelers who like to learn while on the road and is all about interaction.

Educational travel provides a unique way to pursue specialized interests while also gaining a unique perspective of the world.


* Trekking England – Coast to Coast – The Wainwright Way

    (Part one – St Bees to Kirkby Stephen)

* Trekking England – Coast to Coast – The Wainwright Way

    (Part 2 – Kirkby Stephen to Robin Hood’s Bay)

* Costa Rica – a wee taste

* Bath England – A Roman Experience  

* Vancouver’s Island

* In The Same Boat

* A Victorian Christmas

* Thomas Hardy’s Wessex

* William Wordworth’s Lake District

* Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon 

* A Cornish Interlude

* Nicaragua – land of Nicarao

* Belize – The Maya of Yucatan

* Princess Louisa Inlet – British Columbia

* Pacific North West – Sailing South of 49

* Wyntersea Sails Mexico

* Marquesas of French Polynesia

* Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia

* Society Islands of French Polynesia

* Fiji – The Islands of Viti

* Niue – The Rock of Polynesia

* The Friendly Islands of Tonga

* Marsters’ Palmerston – Cook Islands

* Ripablik blong Vanuatu

* The Archipelago of Kanak – New Caledonia

* The Dance of Polynesia

* Francis Mawson Rattenbury – the architect

* Australia – the southern continent

* New Zealand – the land of the long white cloud

* Pacific Ocean – the sea of life

* Newfoundland – Canada’s Vinland

Music Video:

* Diamond Jack and the Remittance Men. Collection of 11 cowboy songs, featuring “Jingle, Jangle, Jingle” on the music video.