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UFO Sighting 2007

Alien spaceship landing on rural road

Sighted at San Blas Mexico in 2007

Have you ever seen a light zip across the night sky and wonder what might have created it?

When this object came nearer and nearer, I did not dare take the camera lens away from it.

At first it was little more than a large light in the sky but as it neared it took shape, silently moving through the night sky.  How can one explain this UFO sighting?  It makes one wonder if we were we being visited by celestial beings, aliens from other planets!

For decades mankind has scanned the heavens attempting to uncover the mystery surrounding possible life on other planets. While on earth there are have been reported sightings around the world – mostly determined as explainable.

  • It leaves one wondering what those mysterious lights might be.
  • Sights have been reported as sinister saucers.
  • Perhaps they are aliens here to do abductions.

This one is without explanation! It was not a plane. It did not look like a plane. These close encounters leave many wondering if it could be something more terrestrial-based or maybe reflections of some sort. It’s a beautiful sky out there and there’s lots of opportunities to see some things.

This UFO sighting was filmed in Mexico, over the San Blas River, January 2007, and at first it appeared to be nothing more than a light in the sky but as it neared it took shape.

I filmed this strange light, and have yet to understand what it was.

Project Blue Book

Between 1947 and 1969, at the height of the Cold War, more than 12,000 UFO sightings were reported to Project Blue Book. Their mission: to scientifically investigate the incidents and determine whether any posed a national security threat.

The inquisitive mind is given to inquiry, research, asking questions and eager for knowledge. That is what sparks the intellectually curious to duly pry for answers.

Curiosity is a related to inquisitive thinking; an emotion that represents a thirst for knowledge; the major driving force behind scientific research and other disciplines of human study. This thirst for knowledge, common in humans, has also been observed in many other animal species from apes to cats.

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