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Ultimate virtual travel experiences

Sail the South Pacific, from the comforts of your easy chair, for as low as $5.00. Explore the sheer scale and majesty of the largest ocean on Earth, the isolation of its islands, the wildlife, and the essence of travel. The South Pacific islands are the most remote in the world. Their extraordinary isolation has created [ Read More … ]

Searching For Another Earth While Destroying This One

Thousands of years ago, humans began migrating across the planet, following mysterious roadways, traversing unfathomable distances. We followed all coastlines, and crossed dangerous seas. Humans managed to cross the ocean’s narrow passages depleted by the last ice age. Into every obscure part of Earth they went, looking for a land to put down our roots, [ Read More … ]

Armchair Travel to Enrich Your Life

Escape airport line-ups and lost luggage with virtual travel. Jump aboard Wyntersea Productions for armchair travel from your easy chair and the comforts of your home. The Earth is everchanging, offering humans an experience to remember. Begin your virtual exploration of the world for as low as $5.00 for a travel documentary. Take in the [ Read More … ]

How the Earth Tilted During the Flood

Paleomagnetic data, the remnant magnetic signal preserved in the rocks, tells scientists about the past magnetic field orientation of the Earth. And it turns out that the Earth has not always been upright. The planet’s crust tipped on its side and back again around 84 million years ago, in a phenomenon that researchers have dubbed [ Read More … ]

Travel Tuesday – take a virtual journey

Discover the world of travel, all from the comfort of your home. Take a virtual tour to far away destinations for as low as $5.00; all from the comforts of your home. Experience priceless interaction to the digital world with Virtual Travel. With digitalization there is no reason to miss seeing the places on your [ Read More … ]

Why Humans Are Less Inclined to be Nomadic

Humans have instinctively been on the search for more, whether it’s power, wealth, relationships, knowledge and happiness – to name a few. Humans have lived as nomads for 99% of world history. Until about 10,000 years ago most humans had no permanent home and simply moved from place to place. Early humans were nomadic, forever [ Read More … ]

Francis Mawson Rattenbury – the architect

Architect Francis Rattenbury did for Victoria, Canada. Rattenbury was among the most successful members of the first generation architects who worked in Canada. First he designed its signature buildings. 1898 was when the Klondike gold rush was at its peak. Opportunities were everywhere. Rattenbury left his wife, becoming entangled with a younger woman. This began a very passionate, [ Read More … ]

Earth’s Tectonic Activity – Crucial for Life – Rare in Galaxy

Our planet is in constant flux. Tectonic plates are large slabs of rock that divide Earth’s crust looks like a cracked eggshell. They jostle about in fits and starts that continuously reshape our planet—and possibly foster life. These plates build mountains, then slide apart, giving birth to oceanic craters. The plates skim past one another, [ Read More … ]

Earth’s natural wonders – survival in the extremes

Across the world, there are several breathtaking sights — Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon Rainforest. Although these natural wonders are awe-inspiring, they do not stand in isolation. People and animals live in these places, and each wonder has shaped their existence in fundamental ways. Many of Earth’s natural wonders are among the world’s [ Read More … ]

2.8-pound meteorite crash – lands in woman’s house

October 3rd, 2021, at11:33pm, many in Canada were recently treated to a fireball lighting the night sky above a lake in Golden BC.. The sight turned spectacular against the backdrop of a soaring mountain. For a woman, however, it was nightmarish when a meteorite pierced through the roof and landed next to her. The sound [ Read More … ]

COVID – Will day-to-day life ever be the same?

It’s probably a safe bet that making the decision to head for the departure gate is going to be a fraught choice for some time to come. Quite apart from dealing with the bureaucracy and rules, It appears as though post-pandemic travel will be to a very different new world. Will we be welcomed? Will [ Read More … ]