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Armchair travel makes you smarter

Travel breaks us out of our parochial ways, forcing us to contemplate other cultures and ways of living that we otherwise wouldn’t. It throws our old conception of reality out the window and replaces it with an updated, more complex one. Travel – whether virtually or in person – makes people smarter. At the mention [ Read More … ]

Space Travel With Hibernation

Imagine being placed into protective slumber for weeks or months when on your way to distant galactic destinations.  Hibernation would not just prevent boredom in a tiny space capsule; it would save mission cost as well. The hibernating members wouldn’t need to eat or drink and would even require far less oxygen than those awake. There [ Read More … ]

Virtual tour – the travel of the future

As the mercury continues to dip, venture to faraway places. Experience far-flung destinations from your armchair. Use virtual reality as a “try before you buy”. by treating virtual reality like the destination itself. Explore the world from your living room for as low as $5.00 for a travel / educational / historical documentary. The Earth [ Read More … ]

Hubble telescope peeks inside cosmic keyhole 

New stars are commonly formed in the Milky Way. The Hubble Space Telescope has glimpsed a mesmerizing nebula in Orion, with a very distinctive feature. The reflection nebula NGC 1999, taken December 1999, shows a peculiar portrait of the swirling cloud of gas and dust. The nebula is a relic of a star’s formation. V380 [ Read More … ]

Killer Plant hiding in sun’s glare.

An asteroid found hiding in sun’s glare may one day hit Earth. Astronomers have discovered a giant asteroid hiding in the glare of the sun. It might one day cross paths with Earth. At 1.5 kilometers wide, this asteroid is the largest hazardous asteroid spotted in the past eight years. Astronomers have dubbed it a “planet [ Read More … ]

It’s a wonderful world – travel virtually

Want to travel but haven’t got the funds or the time? No problem! Explore the world from the comfort of your own home with armchair travel. Download the documentary of your choice and enjoy the wonders of the world. Here’s how. log in to https://www.wynterseaproductions.ca/shop/ select your travel adventure for as little as $5.00 and [ Read More … ]

World travel – life’s greatest experience

Virtual travel is about exploring new cultures and getting to know places around the world. There are many things that give a person peace: family, music, writing, friends, movies – and travel. There is an excitement connected with virtually travelling the world, the wonder of seeing new places, and the joy that comes with learning about new cultures.  Jump [ Read More … ]

Explore the world from your living room

Meet virtual travel where innovative media technology builds a digital landscape for stay-at-home travellers to enjoy – with an easy download. We live in an age of unprecedented access to digital technology – and with it brand new ways of exploring the world around us. Trek through scenic countryside and traditional villages in England’s Eden Valley or [ Read More … ]

Fill Your Travel Bucket List Without Leaving Home

We’re living in a pretty extraordinary time right now. COVID-19 is the world’s biggest global health crisis of our lifetime. It goes without saying that the virus has affected our travel plans. But that is no reason not to visit the places on your bucket list. Experience your travel destination from the comfort of your [ Read More … ]

French Polynesia – the 3 island groups

French Polynesia’s islands are sculpted by sky-piercing peaks and lined with turquoise lagoons. Breathtaking translucent lagoons, volcanic peaks, and long streaks of beach are the key ingredients. French Polynesia includes five archipelagos – the Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu Islands, the Society Islands, The Australs and the Gambier Islands. Hundreds of these islands (121) cover five million square kilometers of Pacific Ocean.  Islands [ Read More … ]

Megadrought on Earth affected gravity at the edge of space

An intense drought that has persisted on Earth for over two decades is now thought to have affected gravity waves where our planet’s atmosphere meets outer space. This precipitation deficit caused by the megadrought has been accompanied by a significant decrease in gravity waves at the edge of space, suggesting that changes in the lower [ Read More … ]

UFO sighting – the right place, the right time

Mysterious lights. Sinister saucers. Alien abductions. UFO sightings are not new and sometimes it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. My eyes are always drawn tot he night sky. When I saw this aerial object it was hard not to wonder – is it something mystical or otherworldly? The [ Read More … ]

Satisfy your wanderlust virtually

There are ways to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving the house. Virtual travel is as simple as downloading the documentary and watching it when you want and as often as you want. The Earth is everchanging, offering humans an experience to remember. Begin your virtual exploration of the world for as low as $5.00 for [ Read More … ]

Safest place to be during an earthquake

Boats are much safer on the open waters if a tsunami occurs after the earthquake. However, this does not mean that you should attempt to navigate your boat out of the harbor in anticipation of the tsunami.  If your boat is in the marina or harbor when the earthquake strikes, a tsunami can sweep into [ Read More … ]

From easy-chair to the South Pacific; the rise of virtual travel

Travel-adventure documentaries has connected millions of travel enthusiasts. Every year, avid travellers flock to their favorite travel show to find, plan and book their dream vacation. Virtual travel is not a dreamed up future, where hover cars and smart contact lenses are the norm. However, with the increased popularity of virtual reality and people’s growing [ Read More … ]

Virtual tours – the travel of the future

With a little creativity and help from technology, you can travel almost anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. Travel isn’t always physical, and virtually exploring the wonders of our world is fast-becoming the way of travel and a great way to spend some quality time at home. The Earth is everchanging, [ Read More … ]

Boat hitchhiking: Sailing the world without owning a yacht

Hitchhiking a sailboat or yacht can be done with the right amount of persistence and flexibility. It generally means finding sail boats that need an extra hand on deck, and becoming part of their crew. With boats, the procedure of hitching is not so much about finding someone going to your destination, but more about finding [ Read More … ]

How to virtually explore the world

Virtual travel will set you free from the worries connected with flight delays, customs, lost luggage. It’s 2pm on a snowy Sunday travel to French Polynesia to swim with hammerhead sharks. Or trek across the north of England on Wainwright’s self-guided walk. The Earth is everchanging, offering humans an experience to remember. Begin your virtual [ Read More … ]

Australia – the southern continent

Australia, the land down under, is the world’s largest island, and smallest continent. It offers an arid desert at its center, rain-forests along its coast, tropical land to the north and sub-tropical in the south, with bountiful rivers and vegetation. First inhabited about 45,000 years ago, Australia is possibly home to the world’s first people who migrated [ Read More … ]

Step aboard a virtual sailboat for modern travel

Virtual travel offers intriguing possibilities. Sail the South Pacific without buying a boat. Trek across the north of England with getting blisters. Discover new ways of exploration, as virtual reality brings faraway places closer—challenge yourself to embrace sustainable practices wherever you choose to go in the future. The Earth is everchanging, offering humans an experience to [ Read More … ]

Methane in the atmosphere

Methane is invisible to the naked eye, but it’s a big factor in global warming. If methane is not burned off when released, it can warm the planet more than 80 times as much as carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.  Methane is one of several greenhouse gases that trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere [ Read More … ]

The evolving travel experience

With people travelling less for a variety of reasons – restrictions, climate change and financial challenges to name a few – many are seeking ways to have worldly experiences through other means. Armchair travel is all about discovering the world without actually going anywhere. Whether that’s through virtual experiences, planning a future trip or bringing [ Read More … ]

The Republic of Vanuatu

Vanuatu was first settled by Melanesians, the Lapita people, over 4,000 years ago. The Portuguese arrived in 1605 and the missionaries in the late 17th century. Tanna’s live volcano, Mount Yasur, is the most accessible volcano in the world and has been erupting for over 800 years. Although it is not the highest mountain, its night glow is the [ Read More … ]

Dream no more about your bucket list

This may be a time when your travel plans have been sidelined. Fewer people are boarding cruise ships, airplanes or traveling to far off destinations. Now you can have a virtual holiday – to see the places you have delayed visiting. Jump aboard for a virtual journey. The Earth is everchanging, offering humans an experience [ Read More … ]