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Searching For Another Earth While Destroying This One

Thousands of years ago, humans began migrating across the planet, following mysterious roadways, traversing unfathomable distances. We followed all coastlines, and crossed dangerous seas. Humans managed to cross the ocean’s narrow passages depleted by the last ice age. Into every obscure part of Earth they went, looking for a land to put down our roots, [ Read More … ]

Earth’s Tectonic Activity – Crucial for Life – Rare in Galaxy

Our planet is in constant flux. Tectonic plates are large slabs of rock that divide Earth’s crust looks like a cracked eggshell. They jostle about in fits and starts that continuously reshape our planet—and possibly foster life. These plates build mountains, then slide apart, giving birth to oceanic craters. The plates skim past one another, [ Read More … ]

Ancient Trees Indicate The Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped

An ancient, well-preserved, tree, was found, dating from when he last time the Earth’s magnetic poles flipped. It has helped scientists pin down more precise timing of that event – 42,000 years ago. The Earth is a giant magnet with a core of solid iron that is swirling around it is an ocean of molten [ Read More … ]

Earth’s natural wonders – survival in the extremes

Across the world, there are several breathtaking sights — Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon Rainforest. Although these natural wonders are awe-inspiring, they do not stand in isolation. People and animals live in these places, and each wonder has shaped their existence in fundamental ways. Many of Earth’s natural wonders are among the world’s [ Read More … ]

Remarkable facts about our Earth – the 3rd planet from the sun

Our world is a beautiful place and it has sustained everything living on it for millions of years. The Earth is a world unlike any other and is the only place known to maintain life. Our planet is the third planet from the sun and the only world known to support an atmosphere with free [ Read More … ]