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Perpetual Growth cannot grow indefinitely

Unfortunately, we live in a world of capitalists who thrive on the great Myth of Perpetual Growth, endless growth, ad infinitum, forever, till the end of time. And, driving the economists’ growth is population growth causing the earth to burst at its proverbial seams.

What the world and economics needs is sustainable growth: the maximum growth rate a business can achieve without having to increase its financial leverage or debt financing.

Our world is at a crossroads, faced with a dilemma, confronted with the ultimate no-win scenario, because the “Myth of Perpetual Growth” is essential to support the global population explosion.

Seems as though we are damned if we grow AND damned if we don’t because this “Growth” is killing our world, wasting our planet’s non-renewable natural resources.  Eternal Growth is suicidal and will eventually destroy the Earth.

The current economic system is:

  1. destructive, in the long run, to the environment
  2. a contributing factor to poverty around the world
  3. a contributing factor to hunger amongst such immense wealth s well as
  4. numerous other social and ecological problems


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