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National food of French Polynesia

Poisson cru consists of raw fish marinated with lime juice, soaked in coconut milk and is so delicious and light that it melts in one’s mouth. Chevreffes, another popular Tahitian entree, is a tasty, freshwater shrimp dish.  Locals still consume copious quantities of ma’a Tahiti, especially on Sunday.

And, like their Polynesian counterparts, Tahitians still cook meals underground in an earth oven, known as an himaa. Pork, chicken, fish, shellfish, leafy green vegetables such as taro leaves, and root crops such as taro and yams are wrapped in leaves, placed on a bed of heated stones, covered with more leaves and earth, and left to steam for several hours. The results are tasty, as the steam spreads the aroma of one ingredient to the others. Always there is a liberal amount of coconut cream served, which adds a sweet richness. Bon appétit.  https://www.wynterseaproductions.ca/video-productions/travel-documentaries/french-polynesian-islands/

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