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Diamond Jack and the Remittance Men

Starring: Jack Wynters

Featuring: Tarra Fournier

Jack Wynters’ production of classic cowboy songs on the music CD ‘Diamond Jack and the Remittance Men’ is presented in an inimitable style.

Jack Wynters sings cowboy songs by Johnny Cash, Paul Hann, Cole Porter, Wilf Carter, Stan Jones, Don Schlitz and Kenny Rogers.

The CD is a collection of 11 songs:
–  Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
–  Wha-hoo
–  A Boy Named Sue
–  Back In The Saddle
–  Don’t Fence Me In
–  Ghost Riders In The Sky
–  There’s A Love Knot In My Lariat
–  I Walk The Line
–  Home On The Range
–  Mamma Make The Radio Play Me A Cowboy Song
–  The Gambler

Music video of ‘Jingle, Jangle, Jingle’