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Message from space

Scientists have warned that responding to such a message could lead to the destruction of Earth – but if aliens made contact with humans we would almost certainly attempt a response.

The trouble being – there is no plan and if a unifying moment were to occur…what does one say? Welcome….

Stephen Hawking has actively warned that responding to any message would probably lead to the annihilation of life on earth…but can mankind hold back and not respond?

International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) has a set of protocols, for those involved in the search for extraterrestrial life, which stipulates that anyone who finds a signal should make the world aware and should not respond to it. But those are only protocols.

However, if some other life form actually did make contact and if Hawking is correct there would be little chance of making a public announcement. That said, it is not as if mankind is hiding on earth, with satellites filling our skies and signals filling our air space every day. If aliens actually have the technology, that man does not, and is able to reach earth then you can bet your last dollar that they knew we are here!

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