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Leaving Sea Port

When a sailboat is tied to the dock it is hard, for captain and crew, to imagine actually untying the dock lines and crossing a vast ocean. Most sailors  on Canada’s west coast make plans to either head north to Alaska or south to Mexico – or at some point set waypoints to do both. Few actually plan, in the first draft, to sail off into the deep blue yonder. Wyntersea’s crew were the archetypal. Plans were made and waypoints were set for #Alaska.

Sailing vessel #Wyntersea was rigged out with a life raft, paper and electronic charts, a reverse osmosis water system – to convert seawater into potable – a very complex radio communication system and enough stores to make the first passage. Oh yes, and don’t forget the umbrellas as that area receives between 60 – 200 inches of rain annually. Alaska does not boast having the most amazing waterfalls without being fed by heavy rains.  Skagway, Wyntersea and crew’s destination point, lies in the heart of Alaska’s Rainforest Sanctuary, where everything was green. Even the air looked green. It was so fresh and alive and green – a temperate rainforest.

And, amid all that, were the glaciers, sweeping down from the mountain tops, along the deep ravines and into the sea. Blue icebergs calfed from the glacier creating ice-floes for sea life – seals, sea lions and birds.

Alaska was magical.

Tracy Arm, Alaska, ice-floes calved from glaciers

Tracy Arm, Alaska, ice-floes calved from glaciers

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