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Job-stealing robot apocalypse

From science fiction to business fact – automation is taking over manufacturing and cutting off the very hand that feeds us. We are working ourselves out of a job and we are not ready for it. Canada, alone, will likely face the loss of up to 7.5 million jobs to automation over the next 10 to 15 years.

It is a game changer for employment and no one is exempt, not just the retail worker, the taxi driver or delivery person because it extends to professional careers, including financial advisors, doctors and lawyers. This has economists worried about job polarization because automation is blind to the colour of your collar and no job is safe.

It appears that mankind out-jobbed themselves only to end up unemployed, living on a weak government assistance program, sitting on the sofa eating chips and drinking soda pop and stretching the health care system to extreme limits.

We live in a world of constant change with new ideas disrupting markets. Ultimately, automation has transformed the economy  – driving up productivity while also freeing up humans to focus on more meaningful endeavors. For humans to escape unemployment it will take higher educations and much more innovative ideas.

On a more hopeful note – technology might help create new job categories, even as it displaces others. However, in  order to pull off such a coup is going to require some massive investments in education.



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