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Impacts of the Moon’s Wobble

Every moon gazer likely knows that the moon can work in mysterious ways, including its ‘wobble’ and play an enormous part in the way the Earth functions.. The Moon’s orbital tilt has an impact of its own – affecting tides. As we approach the most impactful time of the Moon’s Wobble’, scientists have paused with concern. During part of the 18.6-year wobble, tidal extremes are suppressed, resulting in lower high tides and higher low tides. In other parts of the cycle, the extremes are enhanced, producing even higher high tides and lower low tides.

We are currently in a period where the orientation of the wobble is enhancing tidal extremes. While this is regularly causing high tides to exceed flood thresholds, sea level rise is only adding a small amount. After another 10–15 years of further sea level rise due to climate change, However, the next period of tidal amplification by the lunar cycle is expected to be much worse. In the mid-2030s, global sea level rise will be worrying for another decade. The higher seas, amplified by the lunar cycle, will cause a leap in flood numbers on almost all coastlines.

It’s important to realize that at the mid-2030s point, where the switch flips and the natural cycle seems to amplify the rate of sea level rise, then we are going to see a rapid change.

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