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Humans need gravity.

You cannot see, touch, taste or smell gravity but its effects are obvious: that constant downward pull on our faces, shoulders, backs, necks, chests, organs, legs and feet. Gravity never gives up, nor does it discriminate and  we will all experience change to our bodies as a result of life on this planet.

Gravity is not only a force. It’s also a signal that tells the body how to act, telling muscles and bones how strong they must be. In zero-gravity, muscles atrophy quickly, because the body perceives it does not need them.

  • – Muscle mass can vanish at a rate as high as 5% a week.
  • – Bones in space atrophy at a rate of about 1% a month.
  • – Within two to three days of weightlessness, astronauts can lose as much as 22 percent of their blood volume.

Each of these parameters have their own normal recovery time, after the astronaut returns to earth. However, bone recovery, has proven problematic. For a three to six month space flight, it might require two to three years to regain lost bone – if it’s going to come back.

It does not seem that man will be living on Mars anytime soon!

So instead of looking for another planet to destroy it might be worth considering population control and saving the one and only planet where that man can live – Earth.

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