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Flesh-Eating Worms are Back

Screwworms had been eradicated from Central America, Mexico, and the United States more than 30 years ago. However they can still be found in Africa, India, the Caribbean, South America, and in Southeast Asia. Once again the little buggers are moving northward.  These worms have caused a great concern because they do exactly as it sounds.

screwwormsThe screwworm can infect any warm-blooded animal, even people, though human cases are rare. It is primarily a problem for large mammals, such as livestock. Which makes the screwworm a potentially devastating animal…that sends shivers down every rancher’s spine.

BE WARNED: Screwworms have no concern about international relations, will cross borders at will, then exploit any hole in order to survive.

Travel wisely and cautiously.

Keep those Band-aids handy – ready to cover up any open would.



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