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Fiji – a tropical dreamscape

What makes Fiji exceptional is not simply the sights and unforgettable experiences; it’s the people. Fiji is sea, sand and sun  plus so much more.

Indigenous Fijian culture dates back centuries and is heavily influenced by Polynesian customs. Enjoy Fijian cooking with foods, pork, chicken, fish, sweet potato, yam and taro cooked to mouth-watering perfection, in a lovo, an underground oven.  And no Fijian holiday is complete with partaking in a kava-drinking ceremony.

And everywhere is the welcoming sound of ‘Bula, Bula’ a greeting that can mean everything from hello, goodbye, how are you, how is your mother and safe travels.

Enjoy a peak preview of the 30 minute documentary.

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Fiji – The Islands of Viti

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