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Few animals have grandmas

Animals have families just as complex and diverse as our own, however only a handful of animals — mostly humans and other primates, whales, and elephants — get to have grandmas. And don’t look for grandpa for they have long gone – left the herd, so to speak.

Feral cat colonies are based around multigenerational cooperation between females—grandmother, her daughters and their kittens with the complete absence of male cats. Many animals, including some felines and can sniff out their kin—but what they think of them is another matter.  For although the scent is familiar – as cats are they see little point in rekindling prior association. What is interesting is that pet felines can distinguish the voice of their owner from other human voices, but react as if they don’t care.

And why should they? They already run the show!

Some animals need to know their relatives because they rely on them to survive or reproduce. Bottlenose dolphins can remember the signature whistles of related and even unrelated dolphins after 20 years of separation. Amazing!

However, when it comes to grandmas there are few species that take on the role. So, the next time you meet someone who grew up with their grandma, let them know that they’re closely related to an elephant.

Aren’t animals wonderful creatures ?.


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