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Feline-ing out of here

Felines are aloof and mysterious, kings of their backyard jungles, and able to blend into the savage world around them; stalking, growling, and leaping—their eyes wide, their ears back, their teeth bared.


Palla’s Cat

There are 38 species of wild cats in the world and more than 30 different breeds of domestic cat. Domestication is thought to have occurred more than 4000 years ago in Egypt. Cats are cute and as much as we enjoy them, not for one moment do our feline companions really need us. They can hunt for themselves, and can very quickly go feral.

“A world without cats would be bleak. The African savannah would be a tame, sad place without the sound of lions roaring at night. Many of the world’s ecosystems have lost one or more of the cat species that historically lived there, and all of them are less intact, less wild in some way,” Luke Hunter.

It has often been said that:

‘A dog thinks he is human, a cat thinks he is god.’


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