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Environmentally Friendly Travel

There are dozens of ways in which one can travel this great planet: trekking, biking, airplanes, trains, vehicles or large ships. But, the most environmentally friendly way to travel great distances, across vast oceans, ie the #PacificOcean, is by sailboat, as #WyntrseaProductions and crew had done.

There is nothing that can compare to  living aboard a sailboat, where the only sound is the lapping of the sea as it washes against the hull, the wind as it sings in the rigging and a wide open ocean as far as one can see. But the most amazing magic of it all, is knowing that another tropical paradise is waiting, just over the horizon.

Picture the sails taunt with the pressures of the winds and the rolling of the sea as the vessel drives on, cutting through the waves, like a machine pressing onward. One can sail cross the vast #PacificOcean  – without creating pollution – simply by utilizing the force of nature. And it is all simply done by harnessing the power of the earth.

Earth's energy budget - photo by Wiki

Earth’s energy budget – photo by Wiki

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