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Do aliens exist?

The truth is out there? Somewhere? Experts are often left scratching their heads, wondering if we really have been visited by creatures from another planet.

In less than 100 years over 3,500 exoplanets, from thousands of star systems, have since been located. And, according to NASA scientists, alien life could be found within the next few decades. But, scientist are not actually looking for alien life. Firstly, they are trying to figure out what kinds of planets could have a climate that is conducive to life, knowing that as long as there’s a tiny speck of liquid water, there’s life.

While scientists are doing their thing, humans will continue to watch the night sky because many UFO sightings have been reported, often with rational explanations, and only a small number truly are unexplained. This one remains unexplained: San Blas, Mexico ,January 2007

UFO Sighting

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