– a virtual travel experience

COVID – Will day-to-day life ever be the same?

It’s probably a safe bet that making the decision to head for the departure gate is going to be a fraught choice for some time to come. Quite apart from dealing with the bureaucracy and rules, It appears as though post-pandemic travel will be to a very different new world.

  • Will we be welcomed?
  • Will we be safe?
  • And can we afford it?

Those area all valid questions.

One way to avoid travel is to travel virtually – jump aboard for your virtual travel experience – Visit page:  Wyntersea Productions. Explore dozens of islands within the South Pacific, trek 200 miles across the north of England on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk, visit Central America, or step aboard SV Wyntersea and sail around Vancouver Island.  

Take in the beauty of tropical islands, destinations you can visit from the comforts of your home.


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