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Cats are Kneady

playful pets, fearsome fighters and deadly hunters. They captivate and intrigue the human species; all the while mercilessly exploiting us. Yet strangely enough we house the creatures, establishing an arrangement that seems mutually beneficial.  They’re one of our favorite pets, yet we still know very little about them. Maybe it’s their independent attitude that intrigues the human the most.

Domestic catsHouse cats often appear aloof, indifferent toward their human companions, and it’s not just an act — they actually don’t care. One could say that cats are smart manipulators as they have us do everything for them. We clean their litter, feed them, stroke them and admire them. In the end it appears that they are likely the ultimate house-trainer.

They offer nothing – except themselves. And for the human that appears to be more than enough.

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