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Capybaras eat poop

This giant, web-footed, guinea pig is native to South America, though now moving northward and has made Florida its home.

They are rodent-like creatures and can grow to up to 140 pounds, dieting on grass — their own young (why not, when they have up to eight at a time)  — and its own poop. That poop-eating habit is called coprophagy, a means of extracting all nutrients from what was initially consumed, by basically eating it twice.

Therefore it goes without saying, “Capybaras  are dumb.” They’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

Pets? In most South American places these animals are treated as pests. However it was a breakthrough when the Pope declared the web-footed creature as fish-like, an inventive analogy that reduced the growing numbers by filling the Friday evening dinner table – when fish was scarce.



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