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Baby it’s hot outside

When things heat up outside there are wide ranging impacts, from a bumpier plane ride, to a worsening of pollen allergies and a cooling down of things  in the bedroom. Yes, lowered sex drives. When a heat wave hits you are uncomfortable, sweaty and sluggish and so goes the drive to partake in a little horizontal refreshment. Therefore, while the glaciers are melting, wildlife is dying, the seas are roiling and calamitous weather occurs your libido is also at risk. And, even if the moment is right, too hot a temperature can have detrimental effects on fertility because many aspects of reproduction are affected, including sperm production, ovulation, embryo development, fetal development, placental development and lactation.  But it doesn’t stop there because studies also suggest that high temperatures can also interfere with menstruation and damage reproductive health by impairing sperm function and reducing testosterone levels.

As a result, climate change and more scorching hot days could bring down the birth rate. On those hot summer days there is but one alternative: set the air conditioning to a comfortable level. But is that the solution when it further contributes to the problem of climate change?





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