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Ancient Trees Indicate The Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped

An ancient, well-preserved, tree, was found, dating from when he last time the Earth’s magnetic poles flipped. It has helped scientists pin down more precise timing of that event – 42,000 years ago. The Earth is a giant magnet with a core of solid iron that is swirling around it is an ocean of molten metal. This churning creates a huge magnetic field. This energy field wraps around the planet and protects it from charged cosmic rays coming in from outer space.

Sometimes, the magnetic field becomes unstable and its north and south poles can flip. This magnetic reversal occurs when bits of iron are pointing the wrong way. During the flip, volcanic activity produces an iron signature as the molten lava cools and locks the iron into place. Iron molecules embedded in sediments captured a record of this magnetic wobble, which unfolded over a thousand years. A drilled core from a Tasmanian lake contains 270,000-years of data. It provides the first Australian record of a major global event of the Earth’s magnetic field switching.

If a geomagnetic excursion were to happen:

  • satellites would be rendered useless
  • smartphone navigation apps would fail, and
  • there would be major disruptions of power distribution systems.”

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