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Zealandia – Earth’s hidden continent

Australia’s smaller neighbour, New Zealand, is sitting on a massive new continent scientists have named Zealandia. 94 percent of Zealandia, 4.9 million square kilometres of land mass, is an underwater continent. The only parts of Zealandia not waterlogged are the islands of Caledonia and New Zealand – a haven to both volcanic and glacial activity.

Studies reveal that Zealandia broke away from Australia and sank 60 to 85 million years ago. Based on various lines of geological and geophysical evidence, Zealandia has several of the key characteristics of a continent, including a distinctive geology, and an elevation above the surrounding sea bed. It is believed to have been a part of the Gondwana super-continent but broke away about 100 million years ago.


The world = 148,429,000 Sq. Km

  • Africa — 30,065,000 sq km
  • Asia — 44,579,000 sq km
  • Europe — 9,938,000 sq km
  • North America — 24,256,000 sq km
  • South America — 17,819,000 sq km
  • Oceania — 9,008,500 sq km
  • Antarctica — 13,727,000 sq km

Zealandia – the 8th continent – 4.9 million sq km

Note: Some scientists consider the Europe and Asia landmass to be one single continent called Eurasia. Others lump Oceania and Antarctica together. Yet all agree there are 7 continents – that was until the newly-found Zealandia was discovered.

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