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A Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas

Christmas, as we know it, was introduced into the Western World by Queen Victoria, and her husband, the German Prince Albert, in the middle part of the 19th century; in the form of Christmas trees and cards, presents, holly, lights, garlands and mistletoe. These customs were popularized by the monarch and that other enthusiast, Charles Dickens.

A winter in Victoria, BC, Canada  seemed a fitting to celebrate the joys of Christmas. This documentary takes the viewer down the decorated streets of Victoria, amid the Christmas scenes, aboard the horse drawn carriages and into the festive mood with the ‘Parade of Boats’ on the inner harbour.

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Make It Snow 


The shepherds went their hasty way. And found the lowly stable.

Where the Virgin-Mother lay; and now they checked their eager tread.

For to the Babe, that at her boosm clung. A Mother’s song the Virgin-Mother sung.


They told her how a glorious light. Streaming from a heavenly throng.

Around them shone, suspending night! While sweeter than a mother’s song.

Blessed Angels heralded the Savior’s birth, to God on high! and Peace on Earth.

by: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

victoria 2

City of Victoria, British Columbia at Christmas


Victoria, British Columbia ‘Parade of Boats’ at Christmas

Victoria 3

Queen Victoria statue, in front of Parliament Building, Victoria, BC