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England’s Great Poets

Venture into the lives of

England’s Great Poets


This collection of poetic documentaries takes the viewer into the lives of various poets – Thomas Hardy, Willam Shakespeare and William Wordsworth – to the regions where they were born, lived and where they died. While on a journey through these historic landmarks, one is exposed to a part of the poet’s lives and the effects that their works had on the world, all the while examining how their own worldly experiences shaped their poetry into the great works that are appreciated  today.

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The narrator takes the viewer back to the region of each author and the poet’s words are heard while a beautiful panorama unfolds before the viewer’s eyes. Learn how each of them, in their own way, changed the way in which poetry was written, while gaining  a better understanding of the author’s innermost feelings  and how each poet saw the world and their place in it.


Steal glimpses of the poet’s life, where he was born, whom he married, where he lived and died, all set against the quaint backdrop of the Elizabethan town of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England.  Also see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where has been recreated and stands on the banks of the Thames, on the very site of the original theatre.  He was husband to Anne Hathaway and father to three children. While little more is known of his personal life this documentary captures the significant locations, houses, churches, theatres and other landmarks of Shakespeare’s life while extracts from his plays and poetry are heard.


Visit the birth place of Thomas Hardy and the home that he built for his first wife, Emma Gifford. Hardy is known for his richly characterized, controversial, novels “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” and “Far From The Madding Crowd”. After “Jude The Obscure” he never wrote another novel and devoted the rest of his life to poetry. This documentary is set against the magnificent backdrop of the region where he lived while extracts of Hardy’s bleak, introspective but moving poetry can be heard, some of which was about his failed marriage with Emma Gifford and his remorseful feelings after her death. Even following his marriage to his second wife, Florence Dugdale, he remained preoccupied with his first wife’s death and tried to overcome his remorse by continuing to write poetry about her.


The life of Wordsworth is complex and intriguing. Visit the homes of Wordsworth, set against the background of the hills and lakes of the Lake District. Whilst looking at the superb scenery we hear the poetry of this great man and some analysis of its significance. The viewer will learn of Wordworth’s life in the Lake District,  see William and Dorothy’s home ‘Dove Cottage‘ in Grasmere, hear of his marriage to Mary Hutchinson and about his children and where, later in his life, he moved to his much bigger house, Rydal Mount, which is situated between Ambleside and Grasmere.

Poetry uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language—such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre—to evoke meanings. This communication dates back to the  Epic of Gilgamesh, from the 3rd millennium BC. Before the advent of writing it had a visual form.