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UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting San Blas, Mexico

Have you ever seen a light zip across the night sky and wonder what might have created it?

For decades mankind has scanned the heavens attempting to uncover the mysteries surrounding possible life on other planets while here on earth there are have been reported sightings around the world – mostly determined as explainable. But are they really explainable? for how can there be so many reported sightings registered as unexplainable.

It leaves one’s mind reeling for it is without an explanation!

This UFO sighting was filmed in Mexico, over the San Blas River, January 2007 and at first it appeared to be nothing more than a light in the sky…….but as it neared…….it took shape.

Is it explainable? Can it  really be explained?

I filmed this strange light, and have yet to understand what it was.

San Blas sunset 1

San Blas, Mexico at sunset

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