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Palmerston – an island at the end of the earth

Palmerston is a tiny, remote South Pacific island, measuring one mile square. Apart from the most intrepid of sailors and a supply ship twice a year, few visitors attempt the long, hazardous journey from Raratonga. Monsoon and hurricane seasons can be extremely wild in this part of the Pacific, and sailing conditions are rough year around.

Palmerston sustains a population of under 65 and is one of the most isolated island communities in the world. Settlement of the island grew from the legacy of one man, William Marsters, born (6 November 1831 – 22 May 1899) in Leicestershire, England.

The Marsters’ family spans nearly 200 years and has spread to most continents. Three small branches of the family remain on Palmerston Island, with each family group residing on their designated piece of land. Beneath the prisitine beauty of this tiny atoll lies a sociological aspect that is interesting and intriguing. Palmerston maintains a strict legal system, written long ago by William Marsters, and is still honoured by the families. Because of Marsters lack of trust, he demanded that English be the only language spoken, and it still is, marriage within the family unit is prohibited and dogs are not allowed on the island.

Palmerston has its own breathtakingly beautiful turquoise lagoon, swaying coconut palms, white sand beaches, azure seas and colorful coral reefs. Tranquility oozes from this South Pacific island paradise where time stands still. Palmerston might be the closest you’ll ever come to paradise.

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Palmerston, Cook Islands


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