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Lighthouse of the Pacific – Mt Yasur

the most accessible volcano in the world, is only a 150m walk from the parking area to the crater’s rim where tourists can peer down into the rumbling, exploding lava storm  – a sight not soon forgettable. We arrived as the sun was setting, welcomed by the silhouette of people on the rim as bright orange fireworks periodically exploded behind them, then stood on the edge of this active volcano, captivated by its beautiful, strength and life.

The ground trembled and the inevitable fountain of fiery magma shot up with a deafening roar, spreading against the sky, sending huge boulders somersaulting back down into the broiling hole in the earth. Five minutes later it all happened again. The level of activity within Yasur fluctuates between dangerous and relatively calm. And when it’s hot, it’s hot.


  • first settled by Melanesians, over 4,000 years ago.
  • the Portuguese arrived in 1605
  • the arrival of the missionaries in the late 17th century changed the islands forever.
  • Tanna’s live volcano, Mount Yasur, has been erupting continuously for over 800 years.
  • Mount Yasur lies within the community of Sulfur Bay
  • well known by the mythical figure, John Frum, who claimed wealth of goods and money would come to the people of Tanna…if they rejected the trappings of the modern world like money and Christianity. Soon afterwards American troops landed, stayed their time and left with all that they brought. Did this give credence to the myth? This cult still attracts numerous supporters, every Friday, at Sulfur Bay with prayers and dancing.

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