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Wynters – Stage Performances


HAVING HOPE AT HOME Jack Wynters as Russell

HAVING HOPE AT HOME -Jack Wynters as Russell

HAVING HOPE AT HOME -Jack Wynters as Russell

HAVING HOPE AT HOME -Jack Wynters as Russell


Jack Wynters on stage as Russell   -Victoria Playhouse, PEI

June – August 2013   with Breanna Moore

Photos by: Pam Price

Having Hope at Home  (Guardian review) is a piece that celebrates and pokes fun at the constant small challenges that make up familial life. The story takes place over a winter evening, in the warm part of a modest old farmhouse. A young, very soon-to-be mom has invited her parents for dinner.  Seems she’s rarely chosen to fulfil her parents’ aspirations, and so she’s hoping that a perfectly orchestrated dinner will convince them that she’s on the right track. This reunion will be their first in over a year.

Review Quote: Jack Wynter is completely captivating as the aging patriarch, Russell. A bit sentimental, a bit philosophical, a bit of a trouble maker — he has come to terms with his own mortality and, in his own way, is trying to make sure he’s not a burden.


Jan. 22-Feb. 17 2013

Oscar Wilde is the king of intelligent comedy and The Importance of Being Earnest is his crowning achievement. The Neptune Theatre production gives this gem all its due with a sumptuous set, opulent costumes and first-rate performances. Michael Therriault is a suitably impish Algernon and his puppyish manner is balanced nicely by David Leyshon as the more grounded Jack. Vanessa Walton-Bone shines as the imperious Lady Bracknell who delivers her snobbish opinions as if they were unassailable truths. Marla McLean is delightful as the calculating and passionate Gwendolen and Chilina Kennedy’s girlish Cecily is alive with youthful exuberance. Elizabeth Richardson does a memorable turn as Cecily’s repressed governess Miss Prism. The pacing is crisp and brisk so that the play’s two and half hours fairly fly by. Filled with many oft-quoted lines that elicit chuckles and head-nods, this is a first-rate production of a familiar favourite.

Jack Wynters on stage at the

Neptune Theatre, Halifax Nova Scotia

 stage performance ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Photo by: Timothy Richard Photography.