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Fiji – a tropical island paradise

South Pacific’s, Fiji is home to some of the happiest people on Earth and blessed with 333 tropical islands.

Fiji is a myriad of volcanic mountains and warm tropical waters. Rhythmic drumming and friendly vibes slow the pace. Jump aboard this virtual travel experience to Kadavu where the Astrolabe Reef lies like a ribbon in the vast Pacific with submerged pinnacles that curl away and drop into the fourth deepest oceanic trench in the world. Kadavu is a photographers dream and the growers of the best kava in the world. After Kandavu, join sailing vessel Wyntersea for a journey to the islands of Ovalau, Viti Levu and the Mamanuca Island group.

Fiji’s white sand beaches and pristine, crystal-clear ocean waters, offers an ideal vacation destination for divers and adventure seekers. Take on the slow-paced lifestyle of Fijians as you explore the archipelago’s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, lush interiors and fascinating culture.

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‘Fiji – The islands of Viti’ 

Leave your walking shoes in the closet and allow your adventurous spirit to enjoy this virtual experience. Now is the time to discover this remote island, all from the comforts of your home.

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