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By: Linda Wasylciw

Zodiacal Light – false dawn

It’s back! The zodiacal light is practically a sign of spring as it  pokes up in the western sky like a ghost awoken. Keen sky-watchers can see this ‘false dawn’, the most elusive astronomical phenomena – the zodiacal light, starting February 2nd, about an hour after sunset, and for the two weeks that follow. This pyramid-shaped light is [ Read More … ]

Tonga – sea, sand and sun

The Kingdom of Tonga has over 170 islands that are full of unspoilt beauty, offering an experience that will never be forgotten. Each island is seeped in a mix of centuries-old culture, history and traditions. Say Malo e lelei (hello in Tongan) and sidestep the flashy resorts. Walk in the slow lane – where nothing is hurried. As [ Read More … ]

6th Mass Extinction

It is presumed that, about 65 million years ago, an extraterrestrial crater hit Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula creating massive climate change and the last mass extinction. A steady drumbeat of human activities has resulted in habitat losses, pollution and climate disruption crating a powerful assault on biodiversity. These actions paint a dismal picture regarding the future of life, [ Read More … ]

Hercules Beetle

This beetle, with its horn-like pincer claw, is the longest and strongest creature on Earth for its size and can carry 850 times its weight! That is like a person carrying seven elephants! Also known as a rhinoceros beetle it is native to the rainforests of Central America, South America, the Lesser Antilles, and been observed as far [ Read More … ]

Aurora borealis – Aurora australis

These bright dancing northern and southern lights, seen above the magnetic poles, are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.  The lights of the northern hemisphere, aurora borealis, means ‘dawn of the north’. ‘Aurora australis’ means ‘dawn of the south’. The most common auroral color, a pale yellowish-green, is [ Read More … ]

Job-stealing robot apocalypse

From science fiction to business fact – automation is taking over manufacturing and cutting off the very hand that feeds us. We are working ourselves out of a job and we are not ready for it. Canada, alone, will likely face the loss of up to 7.5 million jobs to automation over the next 10 to 15 [ Read More … ]

Winter blues getting you down?

Need to get away on a holiday but something is preventing you from going? No worries. We have the answer for you. Escape the hassles of airports and journey to paradise without having to pack your sandals, sunscreen and sunglasses. Do it the easy way by enjoying a holiday from the convenience of your home. Step [ Read More … ]

Affordable holidays

On a budget and looking for the ideal holiday?  Look no further. Journey to paradise without having to pack your sandals, sunscreen and sunglasses and escape the hassles of airports. You can now see the world from the convenience of your home. With one click you can download a virtual travel experience. #WynterseaProductions has over 30 travel destinations to choose [ Read More … ]

Food – glorious food

The one thing that unites the human race is food, making it is easy, very easy, for local chefs to entice the weary traveller with aromas or a hint of what is being served. Food, the edible wonder, often evokes feelings making the temptation enticing and irresistible. Visualize a sunflower egg, pasta so divine it is ‘death [ Read More … ]

Happy New Year

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

Season’s Greetings

Best wishes over the holiday season from Wyntersea Productions.

Do aliens exist?

The truth is out there, somewhere, yet experts are often left scratching their heads, wondering if we really have been visited by creatures from another planet. In less than 100 years over 3,500 exoplanets, from thousands of star systems, have since been located. And, according to NASA scientists, alien life could be found within the next [ Read More … ]

Shopping for the ideal Christmas gift?

No worries. Gift the holiday of a lifetime. Simply download a virtual travel experience. #WynterseaProductions has over 30 travel destinations to choose from; including tropical paradises in the South Pacific: French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Australia. If you are thinking about a holiday in England stop in for [ Read More … ]

Quasar discovery

On December 3rd, 2017 a black hole ,800 million times more massive than the sun and 13 billion light years away, was spotted from a high mountain top, above the world’s driest dessert, at the Las Campanas Observatory, in Chile. Quasars are luminous whirlpools of fast-moving, ultra-hot particles.  At the core of the quasar lies a massive, [ Read More … ]

Few animals have grandmas

Animals have families just as complex and diverse as our own, however only a handful of animals — mostly humans and other primates, whales, and elephants — get to have grandmas. And don’t look for grandpa for they have long gone – left the herd, so to speak. Feral cat colonies are based around multigenerational [ Read More … ]

National Espresso Day

There are many things to love about Costa Rica: gorgeous landscape, clean beaches, warm weather  year round and premier coffee. Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world’s premiere coffee growing regions due to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. The most popular is the coffee plant varietal Caturra (Coffea arabica var. caturra) offers great body, often full, [ Read More … ]

National food of French Polynesia

Poisson cru consists of raw fish marinated with lime juice, soaked in coconut milk and is so delicious and light that it melts in one’s mouth. Chevreffes, another popular Tahitian entree, is a tasty, freshwater shrimp dish.  Locals still consume copious quantities of ma’a Tahiti, especially on Sunday. And, like their Polynesian counterparts, Tahitians still cook [ Read More … ]

Perpetual Growth cannot grow indefinitely

Unfortunately, we live in a world of capitalists who thrive on the great Myth of Perpetual Growth, endless growth, ad infinitum, forever, till the end of time. And, driving the economists’ growth is population growth causing the earth to burst at its proverbial seams. What the world and economics needs is sustainable growth: the maximum [ Read More … ]

Fog-bows are rainbows’ cousins

The stunning white rainbow is an illusion created when sunlight shines through a bank of fog. The colour is lost due to the much smaller, tiny droplets of water in fog. Fog bows are almost white with faint reds on the outside and blues inside. The colours are washed out because the bow in each colour is very [ Read More … ]

Asteroid 2012 TC4

has  skimmed the earth at a distance of around 4,200 miles, a mere cat’s whisker in astronomical terms. Earth has avoided another catastrophic asteroid collision. The space rock is believed to be bigger than the Chebylinsk meteor  which exploded above Russia, damaging thousands of buildings and injuring 1,500 people. Asteroid 2012 TC4 is estimated to be between 10 and 30 [ Read More … ]

Yellowstone’s super-volcano

with a magma reserve, two and a half times larger than previously estimated, is about to erupt. It could create an explosion that is predicted to be 2,000 times the size of Mount St Helens 1980’s eruption.    Eruptions only need a few decades of gestation before exploding and this super-volcano has the ability to expel 1,000 cubic kilometres [ Read More … ]

Plants are complex

Plants are rooted to the spot, perceiving the world without eyes, ears or brains yet they can see, hear and smell. Plants have sophisticated sensing devices tuned to varying conditions, enabling them to move towards moisture in the soil — even from quite a distance – even a recording of running water.  And although light is food, [ Read More … ]

Baby it’s hot outside

When things heat up outside there are wide ranging impacts, from a bumpier plane ride, to a worsening of pollen allergies and a cooling down of things  in the bedroom. Yes, lowered sex drives. When a heat wave hits you are uncomfortable, sweaty and sluggish and so goes the drive to partake in a little horizontal refreshment. Therefore, while [ Read More … ]

Oceans of plastic

8 million tons of plastic, worldwide, ends up in the ocean each year and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish, in terms of weight, in the world’s oceans. It is estimated that at least one million sea birds and one-hundred thousand marine mammals die each year. That number will only increase, over [ Read More … ]