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Stella Who?

Author: L.M. Wasylciw      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Stella lived a life of misery – cold, wet and hungry – and on most days she would rather have been dead. But worse than anything else was the humiliation that she felt when she had to beg; shaking a tin-can hoping that a kind person would offer her some change. Stella struggled along, living on the streets of Victoria, hoping to remain anonymous and simply did what it took in order to survive. She never spoke of her past and was determined to keep her life-story a secret. Stella lived within the nameless, faceless, placeless tribe – invisible in the wide open.

Homeless people were once called hobos and applied mostly to transient men, with no family ties, who hopped the rails, often looking for work. It would be impossible to count the numbers of homeless Canadians of today, but it is projected that there could be as many as 30,000 sick, wet, cold and hungry homeless people, hiding somewhere on any given night, and as many as 200,000 on average per year. Homelessness is a social issue that stems from a multitude of concerns: drug addiction, illness and poverty, plus so much more.

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Author: L.M. Wasylciw      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Matthew Blackwell smiled as he stirred Haley’s drink, spiked with enough ketamine to render her unconscious. For many weeks he had been planning this evening, to have sex his way. It was going to be a night to remember. Matthew believed that money was power. With it he got what he wanted and he felt that he could do anything to women. Always at his side was his good friend, Ryan Crowe. Matthew had the financial means and Ryan seemingly had the connections. If Matthew asked, Ryan complied. However, there was something that Ryan did not know – Matthew had a very dark secret.

Nowadays, rape is blandly labelled as non-consensual sex – watering down the vileness of it – further disrespecting the victimized women. Few women report such incidents – primarily because all too many perpetrators go unpunished – further feeding the problem. RAPE is an ever growing concern that must be addressed and recognized for what it is: a dreadful violation of women and a criminal offense. 

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Forgiveness Be Damned

Author: L.M. Wasylciw      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Five-year old Tommy lived in a dysfunctional family, plagued with abject poverty, alcohol and child abuse, incest and bestiality. And, even at that young age, he wondered if he could ever escape. It was a life filled with grief, hunger and horror. He hated how those things affected him and his siblings. And he detested his father more and more as the years slipped away. His biggest fear was that the apple would never fall far from the proverbial tree.

Tommy’s story is sad, especially so because child abuse and neglect are problems that have seemingly become a part of our world. And regardless of how far technologies and sciences advance, poverty and despair are all too common, often leading to dysfunctional behaviours. For far too long this problem has been swept away or ignored. It is time to talk about it.

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Ashenee Come Home

Author: L.M. Wasylciw      Narrator: Jack Wynters

This spiritual novel offers a deeper understanding of the old traditions surrounding the lives of the Cree aboriginal people and what it was like when those First People had migrated with the seasons, across the Great Plains. Deeply hidden within Canada’s boreal forests was the home of Ashenee’s people.  

Isolation protected Ashenee and her people from situations that plagued other Cree, First Nations communities: alcoholism, violence, poverty and discontent.

Also, her people did not know that hundreds of aboriginal women from those other villages had been reported missing. Had they known, it might have been seen as a warning.

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Author: Professor Scry      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Nine year old Jacob Tanner, on the nights of the full moon, stole away from his house when his parents were asleep.

He scrambled across the wide lawn into the forest and tripped down the long, winding, narrow trail that led to an enormous moss and lichen covered outcrop. He took with him a magnifying glass, a set of night vision goggles and his book on the stars.

The forest was magical, enchanting and illusionary.

On more than one occasion he was tempted to share his secret with his best friend, Dexter.

And what a secret it was!

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Author: Professor Scry      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Emily Walker hated that they were moving to Collingwood House and became distressed when she read the details on the real estate listing – Haunted House.

They moved anyway, four thousand kilometers away from her best friend and to the seaside.

The old house creaked and groaned, things went missing, doors banged, shadows moved from room to room and dead animals were found in unusual places.

Curiously, after weeks of searching, no one could find the one key that led to the tower, the only place in Collingwood House to which they had no access.

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The Witch’s Brew

Author: Professor Scry      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Seances, witchcraft, tarot cards, chants and magic.

Life around Sophie was never boring. She did chants, read Tarot Cards and, to Amy’s and Julie’s surprise, during a séance Sophie had seemingly called up her dead Grandmother. Then Sophie received a book from her sister, Anna, on Witches’ Spells, inspiring her to delve deeper into the supernatural.

When they heard that Margie, the crazy lady from down the street, was involved in Witchcraft, Sophie was eager to find out if there was any truth in what people were saying.

If Margie really was a witch then she would certainly be going out on the night of the full moon.

They laid a plan.

They would follow her.

For what could be the harm?

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Tao Te Ching: The Book of the Way and Its Virtue

Written by: Lao Tzu        Narrator: Jack Wynters

A translation into English by A. S. Kline.

The Tao Te Ching (or Daodejing, in pinyin) is a classic Chinese Taoist text dating from at least the fourth century BC. According to tradition it has its origins even earlier, around the sixth century BC. The title may be translated as Instruction Regarding the Way of Virtue. Consisting of 81 short sections in a poetic style, the text ranges widely in content, from practical advice to universal wisdom, embracing politics, society and the personal. The emphasis is on the right view and understanding of existence, the way of the cosmos, and the text sets out to transmit an informed awareness of being that leads to personal harmony. The Taoist inclination to refer to the natural background to human existence when considering the human is widely in evidence. The literary style is terse and often cryptic, so that multiple interpretations of the individual sections are often possible, but the essence of the work is clear, in communicating an approach to life which is in accord with the natural, and so conducive to spiritual tranquility and resilience.

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The Lazarus Succession: A Historical Mystery Thriller

Author: Ken Fry        Narrator: Jack Wynters

A novel of mystery, murder, faith, love, and the search for redemption.

What mystery lies behind one of the greatest miracles in the Bible?

According to legend, Annas Zevi, an artist who witnessed the raising of Lazarus, was told by Christ to paint what he saw. Over the centuries, his completed works has vanished, along with every other painting depicting Lazarus’ resurrection. They were rumoured to be sacred icons with miraculous powers.

Broderick Ladro and Ulla Stuart are hired by a disgraced High Court judge, Sir Maxwell Throgmorton, to locate a long lost medieval painting by Spanish artist Francisco Cortez. Like Zevi, his work is said to be divinely inspired.

Throgmorton’s client, a wealthy Spanish Condesa, is terminally ill and the icon is her last hope. She willl pay and do whatever it takes to find the missing work of Cortez. Unbeknown to the Condesa, Throgmorton seeks to make a vast personal fortune from the discovery of the paintings, and plans to use it to reclaim his place in society.

When Ladro and Stuart learns of Throgmorton’s deceit, they begin a battle to stop his plans. In the process, they discover a secret that changes their lives forever.

Just as it changed the lives of everyone it touched across the centuries.

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Shattered Crowns: The Scapegoats

Author: Christina Croft     Narrator: Jack Wynters
On 28th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his morganatic wife, Sophie Chotek, were shot dead in broad daylight on a crowded street in Sarajevo. The murder of a relatively unknown archduke in a remote Bosnian city might well have been quickly forgotten were it not for the fact that this seemingly minor event ignited a spark that would explode into one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. Within four years, over sixteen million people from one hundred countries would lie dead on the battlefields of the First World War. By 1914, through a series of alliances, Europe was largely divided into two separate camps: the Triple Alliance of the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, and the Triple Entente of Russia, Britain and France. The clashing of these empires has often led to the First World War being described as an Imperial War and their emperors have provided a convenient scapegoat on which to pin the blame for the consequent slaughter. In reality, however, not one of these monarchs – who were close friends and cousins – had any desire for war and each of them struggled desperately to maintain peace. “All our cousins,” wrote Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein, “were more like brothers and sisters than mere blood relations.” This novel – the first in a trilogy following the royalties of Europe from 1913 to 1918 – tells the story of the year leading up to the outbreak of war and the very human tragedy that befell those cousins and friends; a tragedy which might have been deliberately engineered to lead to the destruction of the Russian, Austrian and German monarchies.

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 La Vita Nuova (the new life)

Author : Dante Alighieri     Narrator: Jack Wynters

Composed around 1294 in Italian, the Vita Nuova tells the story of Dante’s encounters with and love for Beatrice, culminating in her early death and its effect upon him. Utilizing and developing the conventions of courtly love, in a mixture of prose and verse, Dante deepens the emotional content of the genre, while pointing the way towards the intellectual and spiritual journey of the Divine Comedy. Indeed the final section of the Vita Nuova contains his commitment to the writing of the greater work, in which Beatrice comes to represent divine philosophy, guiding the poet through paradise towards ultimate truth, and embodying in her earthly and transcendental form the beauty and love which emanate from it.

In the Vita Nuova, Dante’s own emotional reactions are made the inner subject of the work, in a groundbreaking manner which foreshadows the Commedia‘s intensity, and the personal nature of the poet’s quest, not merely to seek for meaning but to attain it spiritually.

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Simply Dirac

Author: Helge Krag          Narrated by: Jack Wynters

Paul Dirac (1902 – 1984) was a brilliant mathematician and a 1933 Nobel laureate whose work ranks alongside that of Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton. Although not as well-known as his famous contemporaries Werner Heisenberg and Richard Feynman, his influence on the course of physics was immense. His landmark book, The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, introduced that new science to the world and his “Dirac equation” was the first theory to reconcile special relativity and quantum mechanics.

Dirac held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge University, a position also occupied by such luminaries as Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. Yet, during his 40-year career as a professor, he had only a few doctoral students due to his peculiar personality, which bordered on the bizarre. Taciturn and introverted, with virtually no social skills, he once turned down a knighthood because he didn’t want to be addressed by his first name. Einstein described him as “balancing on the dizzying path between genius and madness.”

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mein-kampfMein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler    Narrator: Jack Wynters

This famous essay/work now has an all-new translation for American readers and listeners, with introductions by both the translator and editor.

They discuss the influence of the title for the past several decades and how it affects the world today.

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brexitBrexit: The tip of the Populist Iceberg: Populism in Europe, Volume 1

Author: J.N. Paquet     Narrator: Jack Wynters

The author takes a close look at the dynamics that exist between populism and the society in general. From Farage in Britain to Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece, Sarkozy, Orbán, Hofer or Duda, the book takes us on a journey to understand how populist characters have successfully challenged established elites, mainstream parties and experts in recent years and forever redefined politics from a Left-Right two-party system with shared democratic values to a split multi-party system with deeply rooted nationalistic and revolutionary principles. The old Left-Right, Socialist-Conservative, Labour-Tories, Democrats-Republicans divisions have now given place to new divides: Brexiteers-Remoaners, Trump-Sanders, Racists/Bigoted-World Citizens, Populists-Unifiers.

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The Failed Life of a Mormon Missionary

The Failed Life of a Mormon Missionary

Author: Jaron Summers      Narrator: Jack Wynters

Jerry Wonder is the hero of this hilarious coming-of-age novel.

A 19-year-old Mormon missionary, Jerry leaves South Dakota to save souls in New Zealand for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Elder Wonder’s path is fraught with challenge.

He misses his girlfriend, Susan, who tried valiantly to seduce him before he left, but to his regret, he remained strong for both of them.

Against the strictures of the LDS church, he is a compulsive masturbator, or in Mormon parlance, a “self-pollinator”.

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Occupied - Josh SheldonOccupied

Author: Josh Sheldon  Narrator: Jack Wynters

Some people live under occupation.

Some people occupy themselves.

No one is free.

Step into a world which is both magically fictitious and shockingly real, to follow the lives of Tamsin, Ellie, Arun, and Charlie; a refugee, native, occupier, and economic migrant. Watch them grow up during a halcyon past, an everyday present, and a dystopian future. And be prepared to be amazed.

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Luke Duffy - part 1

When There’s No More Room In Hell – Part I

When There’s No More Room in Hell 

– Volume 1

Author: Luke Duffy        Narrator: Jack Wynters

Mankind is on the brink of extinction. A deadly plague sweeps the globe like a tsunami causing the dead to rise and prey on the living. When there’s no more room in Hell is a horror/action story set in a post apocalyptic world filled with suspense, drama, humour, grief and action. While one brother fights his way home through the horrors and confusion of a savage landscape from the ‘Meat Grinder’ that is Iraq, the other finds himself as the leader of a rag-tag band of survivors striving to survive against the onslaught of the dead.

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When There’s No More Room in Hell, Part II

When There’s No More Room In Hell

– Volume 2

Author: Luke Duffy      Narrator: Jack Wynters

The Dead have conquered the Earth, devouring and destroying everything in their path as mankind is brought to the edge of extinction. After battling their way out of Baghdad, across the Middle East and in to Europe, Marcus and what is left of his team, are close to reaching their final objective.

Now, they must continue their struggle against the hordes of rotting corpses that stand in their way as they travel the wasteland that had once been their home. As Marcus and his men press on, his brother, Steve, continues to hold together the band of survivors within the walls of the Safari Park. With danger all around, he soon discovers that they are fighting against more than just the un-dead.

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Wken There’s No More Room in Hell, Part III

When There’s No More

Room In Hell

– Volume 3

Author: Luke Duffy      Narrator: Jack Wynters

The world is dead.

The army of walking corpses have conquered all before them and only small pockets of humanity remain. As the cities slowly crumble, the survivors are facing their first winter in the new order while an immense horde of festering un-dead surrounds their walls, threatening their continued safety. While Steve and Marcus struggle to keep their small band alive, a new threat looms over the horizon; a danger that no one could have perceived, and more devastating than the ‘dead plague’.

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Visitor’s Guide to the English Cotswolds

Visitor’s Guide to the English Cotswolds: 3rd Edition 2015

Author: Blair Howard        Narrator: Jack Wynters

Planning a Visit to the English Cotswolds? Welcome to the updated third edition of the Visitor’s Guide to the English Cotswolds. The English Cotswolds are a chain of undulating, limestone foothills that encompass a quiet, idyllic world of sleepy little towns and villages nestled among the hills and dales. Rising to just over 1,000 feet at the highest point on Cleeve Hill, the Cotswolds are spread across a half-dozen West Midland counties, including Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Hereford and Worcester and Oxfordshire.

For more than 90 miles, from Meon Hill just six miles south of Stratford-Upon-Avon, they stretch westward across the heart of England all the way to the great Roman city Bath.

For more than a thousand years these pastoral, rolling hills have been home to more, to farmers and shepherds and… well, to me. Please allow me to introduce you to my Cotswolds.

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Going Rogue

Going Rogue – Ribbons and Rogues Book 1

Author: Jessica Jefferson     Narrator: Jack Wynters

Miss Meredith Castle leaves behind everything she knows to join her great-aunt in London and become leader of the infamous girls’ club, The Ribbons. She’s willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to redeem her ailing mother, even if that means leaving her childhood love behind to scale London’s social ladder.

When Derek Weston’s best friend receives the offer of a lifetime, he encourages her to take it. Unwilling to let her go completely, he chases after her, only to find the sweet girl he loved replaced by a spoiled debutante. A broken man, he leaves London to start a new life at sea.

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Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt – Volume 4

Author: Elizabeth Johns       Narrator: Jack Wynters

Andrew Abbott was the last man standing; all of his friends had succumbed to leg shackles. Now that he had sold out from the army, he was unsure how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. His father proposed sending him back to restore their burned plantation in America, but just as he was set to leave, he met the woman of his dreams. Gwendolyn Lambert’s family was reduced to penury after her father was disgraced and killed in a duel. Gwen and her invalid mother survive on a mere pittance in the city of Bath. Her mother’s cousin, the Dowager Duchess of Loring, is determined to see Gwendolyn taken care of and restored to her rightful place, but she does not have any use for society after her family was treated ill by them. But the savvy dowager has a few tricks up her sleeve, including her handsome and charming grandson.

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Seeking Redemption

Seeking Redemption – Volume 3

Author: Elizabeth Johns      Narrator: Jack Wynters

At nineteen, Lady Lydia Markham was beautiful, bookish and naïve. Her sheltered, loveless upbringing had not educated her in the ways of the beau monde, or the men who inhabited it.

So when she met Nathaniel, Lord Fairmont, it was all too easy to be swept away by his rakish charm and good looks. She was devastated when he did not propose marriage, but joined Wellington’s army instead.

Six years of battle has changed Nathaniel: older, wiser, the conqueror of the addictions that drove his misspent youth, he’s avowed to start afresh.

But a chance meeting with Lydia unnerves him; she is so very keen to speak to him, yet he cannot fathom why. Has she waited for him all these years? He is unfit for her and is focused on making amends for another’s life that he ruined, and he urges her to forget him.
Nathaniel’s indifference leaves Lydia heartbroken, but she reaffirms her vow to begin anew. Unfortunately, she needs Nathaniel’s assistance. If ensuring his aid means following him to the Continent, where he’s gone to fight Napoleon with the Household Guards, then so be it. But will he help once he knows her secret?

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Second Dance

Second Dance

Loring-Abbott, Book 5

An Encore Novella

Author: Elizabeth Johns      Narrator: Jack Wynters

The Dowager Duchess of Loring, had finally married off all her grandchildren and was now uncertain what her future held.

When she accompanies her grandson and his new wife on trip to Italy, a chance encounter with a past love turns her world upside down.

For over thirty years, Luca Faranese, Conte de Salerno, has tried to forget about the woman who stole his heart. Fate gives them a second chance, but will their love be enough to keep them together forever the second time?

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Blackest of Lies

Blackest of Lies

Author: Bill Aitken    Narrator: Jack Wynters

1916. Britain is deep in the grip of the Great War, spilling the best of its blood in Flanders’ fields. Morale at home is low. But one thing is certain: war minister Lord Kitchener will see things through. So when Kitchener is assassinated by the IRA, how will the public react? How will British troops at the Front take it? It’s up to MI5 to handle the situation, and quickly. Lieutenant Chris Hubert’s suggestion of lookalike Colonel Henry Farmer staves off the announcement of Kitchener’s death. But when ‘Kitchener’ is sent off on a mission to St Petersburg, it’s in the interests of friend and foe to ensure he won’t come back. Now, only Hubert and Special Branch officer Anne Banfield can save Farmer from a torpedo in the cold, dark waters of the Pentland Firth. The U-Boats are waiting …

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The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool

Author: Jessica Norrie   Narrator: Jack Wynters

Adrian Hartman is the charismatic director of the Serendipity holiday community, set among pine trees on a sub-baked island. His job is to ensure the perfect mindful break, with personal growth and inner peace guaranteed. His guests return year after year to bare their souls. For some, Adrian IS Serendipity.

But this year Adrian isn’t there, and nobody knows the reason why. Things have changed: staff and guests are bewildered without their leader and the simmering hostility of the local villagers is beginning to boil over.

Is the atmosphere of menace connected with Adrian’s absence? And will life on the island ever be the same again? As romance turns sour and conflict threatens the stability of both communities, everyone has to find their own way to survive. This evocative novel explores the effect of well-intentioned tourism on a traditional community, and questions the real meaning of getting away from it all.

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24 Gold Coins

24 Gold Coins

Author:Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui  Narrator: Jack Wynters

This empowering book contains the most potent success recipes in each chapter which the author has discovered over the last 24 years of his professional experience and interaction with thousands of professionals.

It will help readers to master every area of their lives from understanding the rationale behind fears and failures to to being happy and successful in work and in relationships.

Kamran is a Master Practitioner from the International NLP Society (US), motivational speaker, author and life coach. He regularly writes inspirational articles in a leading national newspaper and has trained professionals for more than 500 corporations in more than 20 countries.

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Dial Up For Murder


The Hacker Chronicles, Book 1

Author: Clem Chambers   Narrator: Jack Wynters

When Making Your Fortune Could Cost Your Life!

Cyber-crime didn’t exist in the 1980s. Or did it? Clem Chambers’ gripping techno-thriller series, The Hacker Chronicles, is a reminder that the dark art of hacking is as old as network technology. Dial Up for Murder is set in 1984, long before the revolutionary advent of the Internet and World Wide Web. The hacker hero Peter is an entrepreneurial nerd struggling to attract paying subscribers to his new-fangled network. A chance meeting with a shady customer soon has the young computer whizz raking in the dough. Yet before long, he finds himself sucked into a dangerous world, consorting with gangsters and running for his life. Will Peter live long enough to spend his criminal spoils? The Hacker Chronicles details Peter’s terrifying yet financially-lucrative descent into a dangerous world of real-life crime and ruthless 1980s gangsters.

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The Hacker Chronicles, Book 2

Author: Clem Chambers   Narrator: Jack Wynters

Making your fortune could cost you your life!

Set in 1980s London, The Hacker Chronicles is a tale of gangsters, crime, and the birth of the digital revolution. Computer whiz Peter has set up an online network which attracts the wrong crowd: criminals who embraced technology to hide their dirty dealings. Peter got rich, then got in too deep and ended up running for his life. The only way he could survive was to fake his own death. Now the ruthless American gangsters he was in partnership with have discovered he is still breathing; and they have put a price on his head.

A Boy Soldier – Adam is twelve. He’s not like other children. He’s been honed to be the ultimate weapon – a boy soldier who is ruthless, and will obey orders without question. When the sinister government program that created him is shut down, he becomes surplus to requirements; an embarrassment to the powers that be. Peter is persuaded to shelter Adam, and they form an unlikely partnership to help bring down the criminals who want to kill Peter.

A Deadly Assassin – Dee is a psychopath, a serial killer, and a paid assassin. This is a woman who really, really loves her work! Beautiful, sexy, and deadly, she lures men into her clutches and then butchers them. She’s determined to fulfill her contract to kill Peter – but not before she messes with his head and lures him into her bed. How will Peter escape from the forces arrayed against him?

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