Welcome to Wyntersea Productions Inc

Wyntersea Productions, a multi-media company, was created by two people with hearts for adventure, sailing and photography. The sailing journey began in Victoria, British Columbia, proceeded around Vancouver Island, north to Alaska, then back south along the west coast of the United States. After Mexico, sailing vessel Wyntersea turned south-west into the South Pacific Ocean. Twenty eight days later, with sight of neither land nor ships,  the unmistakable scent of frangipani flowers filled the air, tropical rain washed the sea salt from the deck of Wyntersea and land was sighted for the first time in as many days. Wyntersea and crew had arrived in Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands. It was the first of many islands in the long chain that make up French Polynesia. Then waypoints were set for the Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and the adventure ended in Australia.

There was an absolute peacefulness about living aboard a sailboat, where the only sound was the lapping of the sea as it washed against the hull, the wind singing in the rigging and a wide open ocean as far as one could see. It was magical, to know that another tropical paradise was just over the horizon.

Years later, Wyntersea Productions and crew set off on another expedition, to complete Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk, 200 miles across the north of England. That walk attracts thousands of hikers every year, ever growing in popularity.

On those excursions, a great many hours of video had been captured. All of which have been edited into a library of travel – historical documentaries, thirty one in all. Just follow the links (at the top of the page) for a virtual journey in the wake of Wyntersea, while visiting North and Central America before journeying to the islands of the South Pacific. And walk in the footsteps of Wyntersea Productions’ camera crew, across the north of England.

A word to our friends who are still at sea, ‘Keep the wind at your back.’

To our friends ashore, ‘Keep the sunshine on your face.’

And to all of our visitors, ‘Life is short…, live the dream.’

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