Welcome to Wyntersea Productions Inc


Wyntersea Productions Inc, a multi-media company, initially came into being due to a combination of our passions for adventure, sailing and photography.

Thus it was, with these interests at heart and due to our openness to challenges, 

we went on to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The whole journey took a remarkable turn when we left Manzanillo, Mexico, and sailed west into the vast South Pacific. After twenty five days with neither land nor ships in sight  the unmistakable scent of frangipani flowers filled the air, tropical rain washed the sea salt from the deck of Wyntersea and we sighted land for the first time in as many days. We had arrived in Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia. It was the first of many islands  that we would visit as we continued along the chain of islands in French Polynesia before sailing to the Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. And finally ending this adventure in Australia.

There is a peacefulness about living aboard a sailboat, where the only sound is the lapping of the sea as it washes against the hull, the wind as it sings in the rigging and wide open ocean as far as one can see yet ever knowing that another beautiful island is just over the horizon. During this expedition we captured many hours of video, of which have been edited into a library of DVDs of which many of these are now available.

Watch for the completed documentaries and other productions as they unfold and check our calendar of events for a quick peek at our new or upcoming projects.

A word to our friends who are still at sea ‘keep the wind at your back’,

to our friends ashore ‘keep the sunshine on your face’,

and to all of our visitors ‘life is short, live the dream’.


Linda Wasylciw and Jack Wynters

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